September 19, 2006

TV Land delights

A week after the Oscars (so, a LONG time ago), I too walked down the red carpet (passing in front of throngs of photographers who did not get at all excited at the sight of me) to attend the annual TVLand Award Ceremony with my friend VM(aka Vanity Morgan.

Of course, I had only heard I was going to the ceremony 1.5 hours before it started, so I scrambled to get some semblance of a formal outfit together, only to realise I hadn't brought ANY formal shoes with me. So, I'm the person on the red carpet in a formal bodice and (anything goes with) black trousers... and turquoise sandals that match n o t h i n g I am wearing. Just as well the photographers weren't interested - how would I have lived that shoe shot down?

I actually met up with V in a parking lot a block away from the venue, wearing 3 outfits on top of each other. In my panic at not having any formal wear, I had called a girlfriend and she had directed me to some dresses and skirts in her closet. I was wearing a skirt AND a dress AND my bodice when V arrived with my black trousers (that I had left at his house) and made some executive decisions about my outfit.

The ceremony was held at The Palladium, on Sunset and it was a big ol' to-do. Liza Minelli, Farrah Fawcett, Sharon Stone, Danny de Vito and Linda Carter (Wonder Woman) were all there... as well as a very random assortment of stars of the small screen. Most of whom were totally unknown to Vanity and myself, of course.

TVLand is what happens to hit shows when they come off the air. After a good number of years they go into syndication and then the re-runs start on the TVLand channel - sometimes for 40 years! (The Andy Griffith Show for example) This means that most of the people being honoured at the ceremony were very 'mature', shall we say? It was fun in a whacky, pointless sort of way - the filming of the ceremony lasted over 3 hours and we had to clap and hoot coming out of commercial breaks etc. Most of the stars needed assistance walking and the MC was totally off-colour with his jokes. He ended the show saying: "Get home safely - don't break a hip!"
The post-show buffet was excellent, though.

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