November 18, 2005

rental blues and gansta black

I'm on my 4th rental car. From the same rental company. Why is it so hard to keep one car for a 12 week rental contract? And no, I'm not renting from rent-a-wreck either, although I may as well be.

The first car, a white Geo Prism, had a loose connection (a very open relationship, in fact) to the battery. This meant that I missed 2 appointments because I couldn't leave the driveway! So that was replaced by a metallic purple Geo Prism. Despite purple being my all-time favorite colour, I had to give the purple bugger back because none of the doors, except the driver's, opened from the inside. So I routinely walked away from the vehicle with my unintentionally abandoned passengers stuck inside like naughty children. The boot didn't open from the inside either, there was no interior light and the fuel consumption was horrific.

Then I finally graduated to a Toyota Corolla, instead of another Geo Prism. This Corolla was white and seemed fine. Until today, when it decided I needed to jerk all the way to Venice beach and back, as opposed to drive. What fun. I couldn't jerk faster than 40 miles an hour either, so it was embarrassing on the freeway!

I now have a BLACK Corolla with dark tinted windows and I feel like a gansta rappa. I'm terrified someone is going to throw a brick through my tinting, but perhaps that is South African paranoia? Like, whatEVER.

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BlouBoss said...

i would get one like that called "BlouBoss one"