January 20, 2006

take-out? take about!

The American take-away (sorry, take-out) coffee cup.
Cardboard or Styrofoam, super size or extra large
(never small) - it is EVERYWHERE, in everyone's hands,
under all circumstances and any time of day. In fact,
people can take all day to suck on the same cup of
coffee –cold coffee is not an issue. Usually the
dreadful oversized cups display a Starbucks logo on
the side, but the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf are also
doing a raging trade.
People teach acting classes with them in their hands,
actors arrive at auditions and callbacks (!!) with
their coffee, people walk their dogs with coffee,
cross the street with coffee, shop for clothes with
coffee, drive with coffee - all American cars come
kitted out with drinks holders. That is something you
just do not see that much of in Europe or SA, at least
I haven't. For example, I haven't been able to DRIVE 3
of the 5 rental cars I've had, but I've always been
able to sit in the driver's seat and sip hot coffee!
So, driving really is a secondary activity when one is
engaged in the primary activity of spilling drinks
onto your lap. And they are concerned about
cell-phones and cigarettes distracting drivers? HAH!
To me the most outrageous place I saw coffee cup
clutching going on was in the hands of the instructor
at a power yoga class. Enough is enough. I don't need
Starbucks invading my yogic breathing!!!!!! Needless
to say, the next evening when I walked into that same
studio, one of the students had brought her coffee cup
to yoga. I rest my case. There is no sacred ground
that Starbucks hasn't trodden in LA.

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