February 21, 2006

the ride of my life

The highlight of my first week back here was a $250, 45-second buggy ride I took around the lot of Hollywood Tow. Can you believe I got towed on the first night I started my glamourous car rental? I guess it was because I didn't spend the 25 minutes required to figure out when one can and can't park on Sunset - being jet-lagged and generally ditzy - I had figured out half the story and thought it was good enough.
The next morning, from 05h00 onwards, I kept waking up, panic-struck about the car and forced myself to relax because the meters would only come into effect at 09h00. Eventually, I couldn't take the mental anguish anymore and went to move the car at 07h30 - only, Hollywood Tow had kindly taken care of that for me already, less than 5 minutes before (I figured this out from the time the ticket was issued: 07h26). I'm devastated that I've been such a great catch for the parking authorities. The bogus-ticket thing is still not sorted and now I'm totally humiliated at having been towed like a tonsil! But, I made sure to get maximum enjoyment out of the buggy ride to retrieve my impounded vehicle because it was going to be the only fun thing to come out of the whole experience.

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