November 20, 2005

stargazing, anyone?

Waah'd uup?

Okay, so why is it that I haven't seen any celebrities in this town? What's up with that? This place is teeming with them, everyone I know sees a few on a daily basis or even dines next to them in restaurants and I haven't seen anyone I recognise!

Like, maybe I've seen TV stars, but didn't know it? (notice how I'm beginning to speak with an upward inflection at the ends of sentences and use ‘like’ a lot?) Actually, I suspect there are two reasons why I’m not seeing celebs. They mostly hang out in West Hollywood or the Westside in flash places. I don't ‘hang’ in either area much...and when I did get invited to accompany people who were on the guest list of a celebrity club, it was a Monday night and there were no famous people there - except Tom Cruise's look-alike. And he's not short or famous!

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