November 01, 2006

dog's life

... I met a guy at Runyon
Canyon one Sunday who asked me where the 'doggie-
yoga' was. I thought I hadn't heard correctly, so I
told him that the weekend yoga workshop was taking
place near the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade,
about 15 miles from the canyon. He explained that he
was looking for DOGGIE-Yoga - he is a photographer for
an LA online mag and was sent out to cover this class.
I thought he was joking...

Anyway, subsequently saw a TV insert about
doggie-yoga classes for spoilt Hollywood Hills pooches. The
instructor uses a Maltese Poodle to demonstrate with.
Class begins with an "ommmmm" (the people "ohm", not the pets)and the teacher
cautions the owners not to be impatient and accept
their doggie's limitations. (PS the real owners are not likely to be in the class - it's usually the dog-walker or minder that takes them!!)
After the warm-up, the serious business of pulling the poor pooches into poses and contortions begins... what a concept.

PS I once saw an ad on craigslist for a doggie wedding on TV. Wait - it's too good to miss:

Do you have or know of two dogs that are inseparable,
affectionate or deeply in love. Or know of a bitch
with bastard puppies? If so, make it legal and get
them married.... on us! We will pay to have your dogs
wed on TV. You will appear as well and be interviewed.
It will be airing in the near future on Network TV,
don't let this opportunity pass you by! Photographs
would be helpful.
Compensation: A free wedding ceremony, and appearence
for dogs as well as owners on XXXX.

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