January 09, 2007


I finally sighted a celebrity! In Tower
Records on Sunset Strip. You'll never guess who. I
mean, really, you'll never guess because it was Chris
'carrot top' Evans. Chris who? Exactly. He is an
ugly, obnoxious, arrogant, red-headed radio
DJ from London. Did I mention arrogant and
egomaniacal? When I lived in England, he was
unceremoniously fired from Virgin Radio for repeatedly
turning up to present the breakfast show(!) drunk, or
not turning up at all. He then went on to have a
well-publicised affair with Gerri Halliwell aka Sporty
Spice. He was in so much trouble and involved in
litigation against Virgin that he was in the papers
all the time, which is the sole reason I know what he
looks like. There is a website called 'Chris Evans:
give him a slaaaaaaaaaaap' :
http://www.urban75.com/Punch/ginge.html with a voice
that says "ginger tosser" when you do. That's the
caliber of celebrity we're talking about here! He was
included in the 100 Worst Britons poll, at number 12.

The only people in the store who recognised this
ponce were me and 1 random paparazzi photographer taking photos through the glass.
Typical. All I want is to pass Angie and Brad (like
V) or dine next to David Schwimmer (like N)
or buy fruit at Whole Foods with Charlize (like D)
or cross the street in front of Jared Leto (N
again), or walk in Runyon Canyon with Sheryl Crow...
and what do I get?? An obscure and really revolting
British radio ex-personality (with no personality)
whom no-one in LA knows but me! Ah well... let me go
and slap him some more on that website.

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