February 11, 2007

Fashion matters

There is a trend I noticed in America that is quickly
catching on in Europe. It is reaching epidemic
proportions and concerns the wearing of tattoos. No
longer is a tattoo the reserve of sailors or hell's
angels, nor is it the secret marking on an otherwise
good girl's bottom - these days it is a requirement
for almost anyBODY. The most common place to have one,
it seems, is on the lower back. At first, I thought
the girls in the Yoga class were letting their
g-strings hang way out, until a second glance revealed
the black marks to be bold tattoos.(PS I couldn't take pics of the tatooed people, so it isn't in the pic)
Apart from
the usual, predictable places, I have seen them on
ankles, toes (!) and the back of the neck. The oddest
placement I've come across is behind the ear - just
visible under the earlobe. And the prize for wierdest
tattoo goes to the girl with the teeny-tiny animal
footprints all over her lower back and pelvis.

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