March 14, 2007

An Evening at the Mark Taper Forum

One of LA's most prestigous theatres is the Mark Taper Forum. And since a friend taught me a little trick about how to get affordable tickets (he, he - it's perfectly legal, you just have to be in the know...) I was able to go and see a play there!

For some reason, however, I ended up at 'Senior's Night' as I seemed to be the youngest person there on a Sunday evening. There was an excessive amount of shuffling, whispering and coughing going on throughout the play. Towards the end of the performance, someone's medication started wearing off. This lady, sitting on the far right of the stage, started remarking on the action rather loudly. In an emotional moment, the lead actor brought a photo onstage to give to his niece - we all knew who was in the photo, but we were patiently waiting for the actor to tell us himself. After all, that's what he is paid to do. Well, this lady wasn't waiting for anyone. She yelled out, " It's the BROTHER in the picture." She was so proud of her helpful contribution that she continued to reveal ALL from the sidelines until her peers eventually shut her up. When the cast received a standing ovation, she pointed that out to them too, lest they didn't notice that the audience was on their feet. Who says the theatre is dead? It may be on it's last hip-replacement legs, but quite dead it ain't.

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