April 26, 2007


Ladies & Gents, please forgive me, but I am 'plenty' proud of my neologism, McTourism. Now let me explain...

Although we had a lovely time, I can't help feeling like we did the Mcdonald's tour of Ireland... i.e. the Drive-Thru. 17 villages, 4 towns and 2 cities in 3 days, with a coffee, lunch or dinner thrown in here and there.

"you can tick another village off the list"
"cool - what's next?"
"kilsomeoneorother - shall we stop?"
"naaaah! We can see it from the car!"
"yip... tick another town off the list. Wow - Ireland is fantastic! You see so much in such a short space of time and for an authentic experience, you only need to roll down your window and kiss a gob-covered rock backwards."

However, some(travel) is still better than none(travel). It still broadens the mind a wee bit and it certainly whets your appetite to return and spend more time in a place. I do intend to go hiking in Ireland...someday. Time permitting. When I've ticked Japan and India off my Mclist.

PS My keyboard is doing that horrendous thing where everytime you want to place the cursor somewhere in the text, it puts itself 11 characters to the RIGHT of where you wanted it to go! I CANNOT remember how to make that nasty, useless, ridiculous function Go Away... and I don't think I can use the arrow keys much longer - the left arrow is about to wear off! grgrggrgr

Anyway, where was I?
Ah, yes, well... here's a spot of news about the Hollywood Reporter. I am no longer in Hollywood because I have an acting job in Vienna, Austria. So, Hollywood is a very clean, pristine, ordely place in central Europe for the time being. Thank you for your understanding.


April said...

Dear Hollywood Gal,

We'd love you to list your expat blog on our new website, to help us build a great resource for all women living overseas.

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Hollywoodgal said...

Thanks, April. I will certainly do so.