May 24, 2007

United Nations

I was privileged enough to be invited to the UN City by an audience member who is senior in the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency - you know, Hans Blix's crowd).
So I went. Got the private tour (including the fitness facilities), a tasty, seasonal asparagus lunch and even sent some postcards from the United Nations Postal Agency. With nifty, special white-doved UN peace stamps, of course.
I also got recognised and stopped a few times, by people who had seen The Play and enjoyed it a lot. (and by 'enjoyed it a lot, I actually mean LOOOOOVED it). What can I say? Mini-celeb at the UN, that's me! :-PPPPPPP
(the emoticon is for my lone reader from Texas who wishes he could be my crank caller. Hello Houston! *waves*)

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DN Houston Tx said...

Memorial weekend! Woohaaa! Started thinking Americans dont have public holidays. Been 5 months without any. I would love to have seen the UN, I am a closet politician - had a little disagreement last night with my new gf, apparently I am anti american. But let me point out, thats the whole problem, as soon as you critisize - its being anti american? I was taking on the media, not even the government, and branded anti american. The is my proof - SA 44, US 53rd.

So stop the anti american thing. I am anti certain issues. Not anti any government or person. I didnt write that very well, but I am busy.