August 23, 2007

say it ain't so....?

Hullo? When did this take off??
I had vague notions that there might be a problem in the Midwest and Mormon States of the USA from what Heather on dooce was saying about her husband's much despised pair of Crocs.
Perviously I didn't really give Crocs much thought as they are basically non-existent in Paris (one of the supposed fashion capitals of the world, n'est pas?) and I never see them there. But this past week in Austria has been a shock to the system. Crocs are EVERYWHERE. In the most ridiculous neon colours to compliment their ridiculous shape. Many wearers here co-ordinate their T-shirt and hair colour with their croc colour. Eeeeeeewwwwwwwhhhhhh. Is it this bad in Jo'burg?! Say it ain't so...

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