September 19, 2007


His T-shirt was green with a drawing of a man sitting on the loo with those unmistakeable ipod cables coming out of his ears. iPood was written in fat, white letters under the toilet. Always up for a laugh, I smiled at the guy wearing it on the bus and told him I liked his shirt. With a very serious face he told me it's an anti-iPod campaign, as Steve Jobs has admitted to using components in iPods whose life-spans don't exceed 15 months. Seeing as it is more expensive to have them repaired after the warranty, Apple apparently hopes you will just buy a new one and upgrade.

Woah - hang on, hang on. Firstly, I'm an Apple shareholder. Secondly, I own a number of macs (okay, 2) and truckload of iPods (okay, 1) and I am applesolutely Apple-stir-crazy. Dude, have you not noticed how everything is made to break just after the warranty ends? From cars to vacuum cleaners, shoddy workmanship is where it's at! Yet, all of my Apple products are way beyond their warranties and none of them are giving me trouble.

Ok, he says, but Jobs ADMITTED that he does it.
When and where, asked I?
At a conference, when shareholders wanted to know who was going to buy the 20 and 30G iPod hard drives when they already had iPods. Steve Jobs said, "don't worry, guys - iPods are only built to last for 15 months."

I'm not buying it cos I can't find this admission on the oracle intraweb and my 'little blue' has been with me for 2.5 years already! Still like the iPood T-shirt though, just not as an anti-Appple campaign.


Goit Walemfrik said...

Well my ipod has been mountain biking, ocean sailing, running, in and out of 200 airports and hammock-lurking with me for the last 2 years or so and its just fine! Bit scuffed but that gives it more mojo!

Tech corner...all things electronic are made for limited life as many electronic components, capacitors especially, have a limited lifetime. It is normally stated in hours and hence the more you listen, the quicker she dies. It mostly related back to heat and aging of materials. Apple is not an evil empire for designing things to last for a certain time...they deserve credit for admitting it!

Mark said...

My ipod is still going strong after the warranty has expired. I better hope my MacBook Pro will too once i buy it next month, can't wait!

Check out this interesting website:

I do hope Steve Jobs takes note of this and does something about it.

Hollywoodgal said...

Hey there, Mark -

Thank you for the Greenpeace link.
Here is Jobs' statement from May 2nd - I see Greenpeace's link to their assessment of his statement no longer works:

(oops, maybe I should learn to use tiny url...)

Way to go on your future MacBook Pro!!!!