November 01, 2007

Cupcake Glory

Because my life is like that...(glamorous, unexpected and celebrity-studded, of course!)... I was an uninvited guest at a stylish launch in Johannesburg last week. It was the flamboyant opening of a cupcake shop in a small mall.

No, that's not a typo - thanks for trying - I did mean cupcake shop and not red-carpet premiere or Oscar Awards Ceremony.

However, my friends and I had our picture taken by the press contingent there (read, cute girl with camera) so perhaps we'll be in the Sandton Chronicle - can anybody beat that?? AND... I know the Chef who hosted the event and turned it into a cupcake-and-champagne-appreciation-session personally. I'm quite convinced that gives me huge glamour points.

The Chef had very carefully paired different champagnes to cupcake flavours and we were under strict instructions as to when to take a mouthful of champagne and which cupcake to lead the tasting with.

Take another mouthfuuuuul of champagne to clear your palate, and now sample the strawberry-chocolate-cupcake pleahseh. Don't be shy, ladies, to take the whhhhoooooole cupcake in your mouth at once and ahnjoy!

Of course, the food and wine combining chef is French and of course, he is the husband of a friend of mine! It was a lovely surprise to run into him when I gatecrashed this gourmet event. Just goes to show how well connected am I in stylish circles. You didn't hear about the cupcake shop? Well, clearly you don't count - it was huge.

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