January 09, 2008

bl@ bl@ bl@

Jaaa well, no, fine.
My posting slowed to a crawl at the end of last year and now looks like it has come to a dead halt, no? SO much for the energy of the New Year! I had my first fright of the New Year when the cab driver taking us to the airport after our holiday fell asleep at the wheel and drifted towards the barriers on the highway. And I'm still getting over the shock.

Naa, crap, no - that's not it. I fear I feel a blog list coming on. PLease hold on tight, as I list the very interesting reasons for my silence of late:

1. I am not in LA and I hate how my blog has become a misnomer.
2. LA is a mess with the writer's strike and no-one knows when it will be over.
3. a regular reader asked if I was going to change my blog name to "Dame of Paris" and that depresses me no end.
4. I hate blog lists as replacements for a proper post.

I'm going to crawl back into my hole now....later.

PS My french play opens on Friday! I am both delighted and terrified.

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