January 28, 2008

Green Encyclopedia

Look out for The Green Encyclopedia... a short television insert of ecological interest.

It is originally a French TV show called "Attention Fragile!" and every episode deals with a different aspect of our environment, climate change and how to be more eco-friendly in daily life. I am currently translating & voicing the 100 short episodes, to be sold to English-language channels (fingers crossed). This sort of thing would be very useful in SA - but how will you people watch it without electricity most of the time? Catch-22, really, because you could learn how to save power, but using some of it on this programme. (Ok, sorry, I won't bring up electricity again! Jokes aside, I really feel for you guys and am appalled by the situation and its consequences for the country. Not that that helps you one little bit....but hey.)

The Green Encyclopedia is just the thing for me, eco-nazi that I am. Now I have new facts & figures to back up my enviro-rants. *rubs hands together in evil anticipation* The danger is that I may not have any friends left, this time next month.

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