February 14, 2008

Pina Bausch

I just spent the evening listening to Pina Bausch dance steps at the Opera Garnier... (do you remember the dance piece in Almodovar's Talk To Her? Yes, that's Pina Bausch)
we had such unbelievable seats - four floors up and to the left of the stage, just under the massive domed ceiling. Visibility limited? Ehhh - how about NO visibility, except for a parcel-sized, upstage right patch of stage, at €40 a pop? Inexplicably, the piece was not choreographed for the upstage right patch of stage... so we spent the opening of Orpheus and Euripides just staring at the giant chandelier that was eye-level with us at that height and listening to dancing. Rather novel, actually. I tried hard to imagine blindness.

The friend I was with wanted to leave after the overture, but as we were heading out I begged to peep in through a different door to see if there might be better seats. And voila, there were! So we got to see the everything after the opening movement and it was fabulous!

In true Pina-style there were oversized chairs on stage in one movement and a stunning corps de ballet throughout, provided by Garnier's Ballet. I know that is really not giving you much to work with, but how does one describe something as ethereal as dance?!

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