March 31, 2008

Dance Workout

Yesterday I decided to take a Nike Dance Workout Class at a local gym. I had seen it on the internet timetable and presumed it was the Nike version of the ballet-workout that the New York City Ballet popularised. Although I was dog-tired, I dragged myself off to the class because I knew that a ballet-infused workout would be just what I needed.

How low did my jaw drop when I pushed open the double doors and found myself in a huge mirrored studio full of people in baseball caps, chains and oversized clothing? UUhhh, very low, let me tell you. How are these people going to do ballet moves in that kit? Luckily I have my pink toe-shoes with me....

What they didn't mention on the internet timetable but only on the posters in-house is that it is a Nike Dance Workout HOUSE.
Seeing as I had caught a bus and had turned down an invitation for Friday early-evening margeritas to be there, I obviously wasn't going to drop out of the class. And I had fun. The house music was loud and I managed to keep up with the moves and combos and knock-kneed shuffles and rapper hands. I ground my hips and jumped side-to-side and made robot-like wavy arms at the apropriate times... but I know I didn't look nearly as smooth as my darker skinned brethren writhing next to me. Although I did try.

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