October 26, 2005

Radio Etiquette

Oh, don't get me started on t h a t topic. If I hear ONE MORE radio ad for laser treatment and dermatology procedures and all the other cosmetic improvements they hard-sell you night and day...I'll platz! There is one ad that lists these things in a way that makes me feel queasy, "if you are looking for a breast implant, butt lift (they say BUTT on the radio!), tummy tuck, nose job, ear job, eyelid surgery, fat removal from thighs, arms and waist, treatment against stretch marks, acne, scarring, permanent hair removal from face, back and limbs from approved surgeons, call 1-800-fixit right now!" (okay, so I took poetic license on the fixit bit, but you get the idea) ugh, gross.

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