November 05, 2005

hair & more

Despite what Mr Beverly Hills thinks, I got that short film role I was up for!
Only one thing... I need long hair for the part and guess what? Last week my friend, V, cut my hair standing up in the bathtub with a tiny pair of NAILSCISSORS! (Note, not nail clippers, but scissors. Those really small, crooked ones.) Just to give you an idea of how fine my hair is... we started with the underneath hair for the first session which lasted 1.5 hours and ended somewhere around 1h30 in the morning. (Little scissors make very little snips) Then we waited 2 days and did
the top layers and sides. It looks great, I'm much happier with it and it was certainly the most unusual hairdressing experience I've ever had.

Luckily, I have my own personal version of "Queer Eye for the Straight (albeit square) Girl". V took me to MAC and advised me on colours and re-taught me how to apply my eye make-up. We went clothes shopping and I bought things I would not even have taken into the dressing room had it been up to me. Now I'm being pestered about buying shoes with little heels. Apparently flat-footed and sandalled is no good in Hollywood....who knew?

However, there is no talk of surgical procedures - whatsoever. Wonder bras will always be good enough and lip-gloss fills lips out just fine. (I do fear for my haircolour though – looks like I will be slapped with highlights or worse, if V gets his way). And well, now I'm going to need a wig or extensions for the movie...phew

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