December 02, 2005

Holly Hunter is a honey!

A while back I went to a screening of a Holly Hunter film and she was there for a Q & A after. Well, it was great. Holly is such a character. She had the most ridiculous interviewer - an utterly inappropriate uptight WASP, asking idiotic questions such as: "Holly, I've always admired your strength. How did you get like that? Or have you always been like that?"
Holly paused and then said "hmmmm, I'll have a cheeseburger.... and fries with that..... and...I DON'TKNOW!"

There were LOADS of people putting their hands up to ask questions and out of nowhere the silly interviewer says: "Last question" to which Holly retorts: "Why? Are they using this space for something now?"
Interviewer: "I don't know - they just told me I had to wrap it up."
Holly: "Well, if they are not using this for anything else, I can stay?"
She asks the audience "can you stay?" and of course we all roar in agreement, so she single-handedly extended the Q&A by 45 minutes. She was very quirky. I even scraped together the courage to ask her a question.

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