March 18, 2007

It's A Wrap!

There is a famous second-hand clothing store in the Valley called It's a Wrap. That being what the director says at the end of a day's shooting and at the very end of the whole film shoot. Then you have the wrap party and then the gig is over. But, I digress...(wrapping into the Valley...)

It's A Wrap is the second-hand clothing store that a lot of costumes, accessories and props from movies, television shows and music videos end up in, to be sold to the public. You can find Arnie's "Terminator" outfits there, Brad Pitt's black shoes from "Sleepers" ($500), Demi Moore's Boa from "Striptease" ($300), designer dresses, jewellery, handbags and all manner of props. Each piece has a tag on it detailing who wore it, in which production and what scene (if appropriate). Some of the most famous items, like the Star Trek props and costumes, are in glass cases.

I heard about it from the costume designer on a short film I worked on and made my way to the Valley with very high hopes, thinking I might snag some cool pieces that came off the sets of my favourite films. I am a notoriously difficult shopper. A sales assistant in a boutique in Paris, upon seeing me enter, once said, "Don't tell me you've returned to make me shit, have you?" (The French talk about things 'making them shit' the way we talk about something pissing us off - only shitting sounds infinitely worse than pissing, if you ask me!) So, THAT'S how notoriously difficult I am about clothes. And yet, you'd never say so when you see what I wear. I am NOT an icon of style by any stretch of the imagination. My boyfriend explained to me that I often "wear fabrics that don't go with each other". I didn't even know fabrics could clash! Another friend broke the shocking news to me that what I wear to go out in the evenings,when I think I'm being glamorous, is usually all 'day wear'. Well, who knew?! What I am very fussy about are the way clothes are cut. And only when I think my ass doesn't look big does it make the grade. Problem is, I hardly ever think things don't make my ass look big, so I hardly ever buy anything.

Anyway..... I bought something at It's A Wrap! Yip - if it's good enough for the stars to work in, it's good enough for me to walk in. After much browsing and much trying on of garments, I settled on....(drumroll!).....a pink and purple striped, overlong scarf. You know, the type you can strangle yourself with AND still step on with ease. And where did it come from? Weeeeeelll, ladies and gentlemen, my prized possession was once worn by a FOX 11 News presenter. Oh yes, you can pick your jaw up from the floor now. My sartorial claim to fame is a FOX 11 News scarf! Now who's laughing?

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