April 14, 2007

Soundbite from Ireland

(in a beautiful, lilting accent, of course)
"The Archers is a very good restaurant. My guests tell me that, you know, they are very good to...uhm, guests. If you ask them for a drink they'll, you know, give it to ya."

[lady at the B&B in Adare, Limerick]

How cute is that?? They are very nice at that restaurant because when you order a drink, they actually bring it to you!? Wow - imagine that. That IS really nice of them. I was utterly charmed by this sweet lady with her beautiful accent and her words of wisdom. We did not, however, eat at The Archers. We went to the Blue Door instead. But it's alright, see, because they gave us our drinks too. Must be an Irish thing.

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