April 16, 2007

t's no bother

I have noticed this thing bloggers do a lot and so I will do it too in this post. I am going to make a LIST - so bear with me as I try to achieve some blogging-cool. Here is my take on Ireland, in list-form:

1."ah, t's noh bother" is a very popular phrase in Ireland
- the Irish don't want to appear bothered, especially not by the crowds of rowdy English stag-night and hen-party celebrators drunkenly falling over themselves in Galway.

2. they do not talk about Leprechauns as much as one imagines.
- actually, not a single one was mentioned.

3. A lot of towns are called Kil - someone or other
- Killinaboy (goodness!), Kilfenora (poor Fenora, what's she ever done to anyone?), Kilmore (and they say South Africans have a violent mentality??)

4. to properly distinguish themselves from the English, they use kilometers, liters and € instead of miles, gallons and £
- does it work? Hmmmm...

5. they use 'like' a lot, but NOT in the way Valley-girls in the USA use it
- "the fish was big-like" " I'm goin' out for a drink-like"

6. "Have you a Biro?"
- Translation: do you have a pen?

7. there is no 7th point in my list, so pls skip straight to point 8

8. if you want to hear an irish accent, don't go to a hotel or restaurant cos the staff will more than likely be Polish
- they recruited Eastern Europeans in the tourism industry in the 90's when there just weren't enough Irish to cope with the Celtic Tiger

9. END of list - do you think I'm cool now?


Mark said...

Haha I like the list HollywoodGal! You are a true blogger now!

You forgot the town they named after Kenny from Southpark! Kilkenny!

Hollywoodgal said...

Of course - how could I forget Kilkenny! Oh, and there's an interesting story about how Kilkenny beer has nothing to do with Kilkenny... anyone wanna hear it?!

Malone said...

crickets chirp ...