June 02, 2007

total fuckup

i knew i should have left well enough alone.... i know too little about the technical crap that goes on behind the scenes... and have truly f-up my blog now. My header is gone and all the stuff it took me 100 years to work out how to add is gone... GRRRRRRRRR WHY did I think I needed to upgrade my template???

So, it's going to take me about 1.5 years to straighten everything out again... I guess??
OK, this is panic stations...
please bear with me while i ....uhm... i dunno? fix this????

UPDATE: I have gone from having no links, to having two of every link, to not being able to work out how to get the little logos back (Expat Women - hEEEEELLLLpppp!) I am now shoving chocolate fast and furiously with my right hand, while my left digits hover uncertainly between my keyboard and the chocolate to my right....

And to think I got up at 5:30 AM on a SATURDAY for this?!?!?!? Insomnia, though art a cruel bastard.

UPDATE TO UPDATE: Can I just say that I despise blogger right now. The new "click & drag" template job is a mess...maybe it's the chocolate on my fingers, but everytime I so much as breathe on my keyboard, the elements shift and drag and drop themselves around the template! It's a friggin' mess in here.

Please, please can someone tell me how to get badges back in links? I loved the pink one and the orange and green global voices one....how come expat blog's badge stands alone?


Spencer Eggworth said...

You need to get the code for your badges again from the respective web sites if you have lost them.

I think you use the same template as me so in Blogger go to your layout settings and click on the HEADER. There is an option to upload a header image.

BTW, this template is cool anyway, its easy on the eye and not too busy....



Hollywoodgal said...

Hiya, thank you.
I do still have the code (blogger backed up the classic template) but the new widget-pain for links doesn't accept HTML or some such... so HOW expat blog got to keep it's badge, when I am not able to post any code into that particular thingy, is totally beyond me.
Also, couldn't get my header to upload...maybe that's a Safari problem - I will try Firefox next.
I notice you use mac. I salute you, bruvver!