August 20, 2007

Granny on the lookout!

My granny is 86 years old, but behaves as if she were not a day over 50.
It's been 3 years since my grandfather died - the man she had a child with at age 19 and was married to for almost 65 years. I haven't seen my gran in a while and in the 36 hours I spent with her, she talked about the possibility of meeting someone 4 times! 4 divided by 36= 9. Every 9 hours or so, she listed her options, as she sees them:

a) meet someone on holiday in Italy
b) move into a pensioner's home and find 'him' there
c) speak to men, when out shopping in town or on the bus

No matter how she denies it - " I don't really care, it either happens, or it doesn't" - my granny is DYING for it... I had no idea. In the last 3 years she's travelled all over the globe with her sister. From Vienna to New York, to Jo'burg and Warmbaths, to Italy and Switzerland and Prague and soon to be seen in France... I thought she was catching up, making up for lost time and having a blast. Turns out... what she really wants is another man! But she just freed herself from the shakles of a restrictive marriage and a husband who wouldn't let her do anything - why this obsession with wheretomeetthenextone?

Oh ladies... if the man-hunting ain't over at 86, what hope do us 30-somethings have of finding peace?!

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