September 05, 2007

mobile screen ridicule

I have a meeting with some producers tomorrow... for the pilot for a weekly TV presenting job. Celebrity gossip and music videos for mobile phones, actually. If I sound less than excited about this whole thing, here's why. Not only is it for a screen that is hardly larger than my earlobe, but to add insult to injury I have been briefed that these producers are sharks, cheap-asses who pay badly and they don't give a rat's ass about talent or artistry - they are looking for a b e a u t i f u l girl to present their insert on mobile-phone-TV.

Be beautiful tomorrow, make a real effort, okay?

the director who is taking me to the meeting said this evening.

Uuuhhhmmmm... the best I can do, is show up. I can't change my face overnight, if that's okay with you. I mean, I'd REALLY REALLY like to, but... even a real effort ain't gonna help, I'm afraid.

Sigh. I HATE this profession.

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