September 05, 2007

Snow White...again?!

In the ironic turn of events that is my life, my current acting gig sees me portraying the Disney character I couldn't even identify last time I had a run-in with her. I am Snow White, along with 16 other Snow Whites in a performance art piece being put on in a Contemporary Art Museum in Paris on September 16th. The artist directing the piece has been working with Snow White as a symbol of consumerism and American cultural imposition for about 4 years. The dark side of SW, if you like... the last time a gang of them were seen in Lyon, they were all carrying machine guns... so, who's going to choke on their apple now?


Spencer Eggworth said...

LOL - Do you have Grumpy, Dozy and Horny with you as well?

Well, if you were back home and seeing as we are obsessed with race here in SA we'd have to call you "Snow Black" or at least "Snow Entity" to be totally PC.

Maybe you'll at least find a prince.

Hollywoodgal said...

LOL! No, us Snow Entity dames do not get to be accompanied by Dozy or Horny... sisters are doing it for themselves, you know?

Prince? Mehhhh, they are overrated, man.