October 25, 2007

Model-Shmodel Mother City

Cape Town wouldn't be Cape Town if upon arrival one didn't walk into a fashion shoot and have models called Romy or Kendra or Taylor lounging all over the place. And in this case 'walk into a fashion shoot' means 'live under the same roof as'... yip, that's right, there is a shoot going on in my hotel. Room 102 is where they are casting and making up and snapping and talking very loudly and importantly on cell phones.

Meanwhile, the hotel cannot deal with the fashion people's and my mac computers, so we cannot hook into the wi-fi network and are forced to share the hotel computers with Swedish teenagers who hog public terminals with their 5 msn chat windows flashing simultaneously! SA is not Apple-friendly yet. Which is surprising, seeing as Granny Smith is a local(har, har - booo).

And speaking of friendly, I'm being bumped off my seat by a conspicously tall, blond, Swedish teenager so I'd bette....... (bump, uagh)


Mr. Instability said...

Thats funny!!!


Goit Walemfrik said...

You have half-naked models posing in your hotel and you neglected to mention this to me?!? I don't care how vacuous and self-obsessed you think they are, I want to meet them and see for myself! ;)

Anonymous said...

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