October 30, 2007

no, no, please noooooo

I am going to put on my barbie princess costume and princess wig and throw my princess wand at the wall. The WGA (Writer's Guild of America) are readying to strike in Hollywood as of Nov 1st, and my favourite Egoli blogger has just announced his retirement... it's not "all good"!

Drastic situations require drastic actions....(or something like that...?)

I am back in Jhb and still battling to hook my mac up to any decent wi-fi access and the net nanny on my current network will NOT allow me access to blogger's comments sections. GRRRR. Thus, I am going to have to comment on Mr Eggworth's blog from here. Sorry, folks.

Spencer, please don't leave us. Even if you only post once a month, I need my little window on SA when I'm far away... I'm turning poetic for you, bru. I hear you on your time constraints...so how about...once a month? The collected madness of the last month? Rather like a monthly column. Sound enticing? I take Jo'burg's pulse by your ramblings, man, this is important to me.

Or, you could guest blog on this blog, if that suits you better... be our SA correspondent?

Okay, I don't want to sound desperate, but... I am. I really enjoy your voice and... don't leave me this way. I loved your "pissing the planet off, one person at a time" tagline and it's NOT RIGHT that the good guys are the ones to go.

.....there goes my wand....[smack]


Spencer Eggworth said...

oh awlrighty, seen as you ask so nicely. I'll even put the tag line back.

Hollywoodgal said...

Ah - phhhhew, that was close! And thanks for my tag-line back.

Dave said...

Spencer, you have the biggest rubber arm in the world....haha....good on ya nevertheless for sticking with it!

PS: Chicks are the most manipulative species on earth :)