November 17, 2007

Wipe out!

Been back in Paris for less than a week - my suitcase is not fully unpacked yet - and already I have fallen prey to a great French tradition. There is yet another TRANSPORT STRIKE going on. Those of you who were here for the RWC Final know what that means.... It was meant to last for a day - we are now on day 4. Plus, they have anounced another tansport strike for next Tuesday...what's not clear is if they will start an ongoing strike from the top (??) or remain ongoing in an ongoing strike?! The situation is simply ridiculous.

So, anyway, not one to sit around and bitch about the French and their particularities (hi, hi) I threw myself on my bicycle and cycled for a few hours a day to get to my voice jobs and announce the weather on France 24. And after two days of this, I am as sick as a dog. Sore throat, sore ears, cold feet, raspy lungs, scratchy cough - the works. Had to give my weather shift away this morning as a result.

Panicked that I won't be fixed in time for tomorrow's weather shift and Monday's voice-over, I've been asking around for quick fixes for a lack of voice. A fellow weatherhead suggested rose tea with honey and half-salted butter; oil and honey is my gran's remedy of choice; ginger and lemon was suggested from Britain and the list goes on. However, a lack of patience and faith in just one cure at a time sees me sitting here with a steaming mug of rosehip tea embellished with butter, pollen, honey and ginger. It tastes completely vile and looks even worse with buttery slick and crusty pollen floating around. I'll let you know how it works!


Goit Walemfrik said...

Who are these quacks??? Everybody knows that roughly 3 times the recommended dosage of the strongest drugs you can schmokkle out of your GP is the only way to go. Failing that Myprodol and red wine yourself to sleep for a week and by the time you wake up they may have invented a real cure for the sniffles...

Sorry to hear you are sick...that sucks!

Spreeräuber said...

Hallo Süße, nicht ärgern nur wundern. Empfehle für tagsüber heiße Milch mit Honig, vor dem Schlafengehen Tee mit einem ordentlichen Schuß Grog. Hoffe Du bist morgen wieder in Form. Schön, daß Du wieder da bist auf jeden Fall! Müssen die Gymnastiksache vom Dienstag noch klären, melde mich per mail.

Hollywoodgal said...

Goit: GP? Wazzat? Ah...Gauteng Province.
Uhm, since I almost had my good leg amputated by one, I don't really consider them. Myprodol and red wine sounds good though!

Spreeräuber: "nicht ärgern nur wundern" ist ein gutes Motto. Deine Worte sind mir schon im Kopf steckengeblieben, danke! Hoffentlich bis bald....zum dîner bei uns!