November 13, 2007

How Royal!

After a few weeks in SA, I've returned to a mountain of mail (mostly junk) in France. Inadvertantly, I kept the best for last... I have just opened a royalties cheque from Canal+. A mini-series I had a tiny part in was re-broadcast, and without me even knowing about the re-broadcast let alone having to chase anything up, I just had my royalties sent to me. How cool!

This, ladies and gents, is what the writers in Hollywood are striking for. Their royalties, which studios are refusing them. Plus a reasonable cut of DVD sales (as in, more than 4c a DVD thankyouverymuchiWROTEthebloodyshow/movie/TVseries), that studios and producers are also refusing them. And that deal regarding new media and internet streaming that they're requesting. I'm with the writers all the way...although the WGA strike's timing has a huge impact on my planned trip to LA. So.... Hollywood reporting will be done from Europe for just a tad longer...

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