December 26, 2007

2007 round-up

The first thing that comes to mind for 2007 is that is has been my worst hair-year to date. Except for 2001's red hair debacle, I cannot remember having suffered through worse hair days than I have this year.

Misreading instructions on a hair colouring box at the start of this century is one thing - bouncing from one shocking hair-cut to another from September 2006 to December 2007 is quite another. However, I have suffered through it quite cheerfully. I wore wide, multicoloured headbands last autumn, last winter I looked like Annie Lennox (whom I love, so it was some consolation for having the hairdo of a 50-something year old!), the summer was spent growing out the Lennox-cut and then having the hacked little boy mullet happen and finally this autumn and Christmas I'm sporting a shaggy lets-grow-all-this-crap-right-out look. My mother took one look at me this Christmas at dinner and said:
What's the plan with your hair? What are you doing with it?

I take it she doesn't like it as it is?

Career-wise, 2007 has been a bit of everything... a tiny bit. Nothing huge and not as good as 2006, but fun nonetheless. A play in Vienna to start, a break from the summer festivals this year, a mobile phone job won and lost, documentary voice-overs, an art project in a museum, a long trip to South Africa, lip-synch video voice overs, some play readings, screenplay translation work,I got to play the Bergman role in a scene from Casablanca, acted in a short film in London and now have a French play to start off 2008. Maybe 2008 has more in store? Here's looking forward...shaggy hair and all!

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