December 05, 2007

Yes, can I possibly help you...?

I am going to London on Friday to act in a short arthouse film. Yes, people, my hobbling, limping, stuttering acting career is at an all-time high now, as I have had a week of being sent scripts 'for your consideration'. The director of the London short googled me (we worked together in South Africa) and asked me to be part of this film project. A day later, I got a phonecall from a director who had seen me in someone else's film and offered me a lead role in her play (maybe the girl-on-girl kiss in that other movie did the trick?)

My disappointment at my trip to LA being indefinitely postponed and the frustration with the writer's strike and how the bad guys are not stepping up to the plate to sort it out, is somewhat lessened by the work I have coming up.

But first... London Transport!!!!!!!!

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