January 17, 2008

Merci, Marianne!

Ever impressed with how French-folk look after their artists I have to report on the following two events:

1. I was sent a notification by the médecine de travail for actors that I need to make an apointment to go for an annual check-up. We have our OWN actor's doctors to look after us and it doesn't cost us an extra centime!

2. I got €1000 worth of holiday pay for last year, deposited directly into my account. There is a 'paid leave' fund for performers. Seeing as we are never employed on solid, long-term contracts that allow you to take paid leave, on every job we do the employer pays a tiny percentage of our salary into the holiday fund and at the end of the year, all the little jobs are added up and voila - I had an unexpected €1000.- drop into my account!

All their annoying habits and inimitable rudeness aside, the Froggies know how to treat their thesps! Thank you, Marianne!

PS No thanks to Mr Sarkozy who wants to shut down France24 and my delightful weather-announcing job. Nicolas has made it clear that he will not approve the spending of government money on channels that broadcast in a foreign language. But, Al Jazeerah has an English channel? And it was so avant-guard of France24 to be broadcast in 3 languages!! Watch this space as we see what unfolds...

PPS I can't believe the rain you folks are having in Jhb, by the way. Lately, EVERY time I am on weather duty there is a lighting bolt over Jozi?! Cape Town gets all the sunbeams!! No fair, man.


DN said...

See I have been called a regular reader. Dont mind it too much.

As for me, I have been appointed to permanent position here in houston, I am very pleased. So no visiting Cape Town any time soon for me, thank you.

Even looking at purchasing a home here, oh my gosh, am I going to become a hated American???? Maybe I should learn French, or probably Spanish, have enough teachers here in Texas for that.

Hollywoodgal said...

Huh - congratulations on the permanent position and the imminent land-ownership!
Learning Spanish in texas sounds like a smashing idea...