February 06, 2008

a keyboard's revenge...

So there I was today, typing my Middle East weather bulletin with one hand while instant messaging a friend in South Africa with the other. I was having huge issues with typos as I am not good at high speeds on a French keyboard. And by not good at all I mean... eye-popping typos.

I asked my mate about his recent activity-level (or lack thereof) on Facebook, as we had previously had a long email discussion about why I think it's a pile of crap and he thought it might "form a radical new forum of information transfer" (...) and "could present a whole new frontier to sociology, anthropology, theology, psychology and various other 'ologies". So when he admitted that the fad was dying out and now the marketers have everyone's info, he added:

You were right, Oh Wise One.

I LOL-ed and replied:

Thank you! I can live with being called Oh Wide One.

I think that French keyboard took revenge on me for every nasty thing I've ever said about Frogs. And I know at least one person who will never let me live that nickname down. (sighhhhhhhhhhhh)

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