March 08, 2008


Yesterday, I touched the hand of Jonny Depp's womb (in the words of the BF!) I spent an hour in Vanessa Paradis' company and I must admit... I am a convert! She is a lovely little fairy (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) and Jonny Depp made a great choice! Oh and by the way... Jonny is fluent in French. Can one be any more impressed by the man?!

I'm working on a documentary television project that will put me in touch with the creme de la creme of French cinema.
To start the day we interviewed a very well-know cinema director. He was very chatty and took the sudden inexplicable break-down of our camera in stride, saying it was one of Life's 20 Rules:

You climb in a hot bath... the phone rings.
You're on day 1 of a film shoot... the camera breaks down.

He had so many anecdotes to recount that he didn't seem to mind having to wait while the sound-engineer dashed off for a replacement camera. Thank godness there was no toy-throwing! It extended the interview by 2 hours, but hey - I'm not complaining at having to spend extended periods of time with famous people!

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Anonymous said...

She is one of my favourite women in the world (ans so are you!)

Lots of love!