March 23, 2008

Soundbite (France)

Another kicker from a Frenchman on public television:

I wouldn't mind switching places with her skating partner for a few moments. He had his hand on her taunt tummy just now... but I'm not sure my hand would stop there.

- the French commentator on the Ice Skating Championships currently being held in Sweden. And it doesn't end there. All the comments he made about the female skater related to her looks and body. What? Why should he say anything about her skating skills just because it's a competition??

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Anonymous said...

Hey there!
This is really funny, and these guys became quite famous for this!! It is Déplacé definitely, but the fact of saying aloud what the Amateur might be thinking in his armchair in front of TV is surprising!! Male amateur I confess!!
Check out:
Lots of LOVE!!!