July 08, 2008


I am currently in Vienna and staying at my brother's. He has a Wii Fit and so, after returning from a birthday party this evening (i.e. after having eaten well and had ice cream for dessert! ) I got an intro to Wii Fit from my little bro.

We entered all my info (height, age etc) and I did the balance tests and everything else and the little board worked out that my Wii Fit age is -8 years off my REAL AGE! I am at the ideal weight, ideal BMI and physically 8 years younger that my chronological age.

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. I really like this thing! My brother's Wii Fit age is 1 year older than his real age... and he's my little brother (he, he, he)

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Spencer Eggworth said...

wiii Haaa, she lives!