July 20, 2008

Cruising Corsica in a Cabrio with Crudenesses

I'm currently on a mini road trip through Corsica in a cabriolet, from Ajaccio to Calvi, now Bastia and tomorrow Corté... now Corsica, you should know, is France's version of Plett. It's a must in summer and it's where all French celebrity bikini shots are taken.

Highlights of the trip have included a 'plate of crudenesses'* on a menu

...and a hotel room under the roof that we couldn't stand up in, but that does have spectacular sea-views and a ringside seat of the ferry's entry and exit.

There is an area between Ajaccio and Calvi that consists of huuuuuge rocky outcrops and sheer drops into the sea, called the Calanques. Although the road is only 160kms long, it took us upwards of 3.5 hours. Every guidebook on Corsica (and everyone we know who's ever been here) will tell you that you'll come round a bend to find a local in YOUR lane, and it's absolutely TRUE!!!!!! How we didn't have a head-on collision I don't know. Actually, I do - we travelled 30kms an hour the whole way, to accommodate the local's lane-hopping habit...

And this is the reward you get for making it to Calvi in one piece...

It's not Cape Town, I hear you say? Ahhh, well, it'll do for this summer!

*'assiette de crudites' is a plate of raw vegetables (AKA a salad)

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Melinda said...

You lucky, lucky girl! I'd love to go to Corsica! I was trying to arrange to attend a voice workshop there in June, but of course THIS year it's not happening. Argh! But I loved seeing your pictures. And the menu was hilarious.

So, when are you back in Paris? Can we actually schedule dinner this time? :~)