May 07, 2007


whewwwwwwww.....we made it.
Teacher's preview was last night. It was a success. After the calamities of the last few days, this is a) well deserved (all the stress, panic and hard work paid off!) and b) very, very neccessary because it was getting ugly. So, YAY!

We had an interesting role-reversal thing happening in our theatre. Instead of having a diva in the cast... we had some diva-action from the backstage and lighting crew! Us actors (there are only 4 of us) are a surprisingly well-behaved foursome. We were sometimes very crap on stage during rehearsals (I speak mainly for myself), but we could all learn a thing or two about how to be SERIOUSLY touchy from our lighting-designer (bless him, he did a GREAT job - once he got over his 'creative differences' with the director). So while the director and lighting designer were making decisions about light and dark and trying to agree, a mini-war broke out between the assisstant director, production manager and stage manager, who were all involved in scene-changes during a run-through. Between scenes 5 and 6, the stage manager was just about ready to push the set over and 'stage' a walk-out (fun pun alert!), hissing bitchiness at her colleagues and competing with the refusal to co-operate in the lighting box. I was awestruck.... how is it that actors have such a bad rep???????

We'd better throw a huge hissy-fit tomorrow, or we won't stand a chance of being taken seriously! I had suggested a cat-fight in the dressing-room to my co-star this evening - with scratching and shrill shouting to scare the boys in the dressing-room next door - but her reply was: "You're scaring me. I'm not good at being bitchy." Clearly, she won't last long in this business! :-P


Anonymous said...

HI! I’m Adriana, and I’m writing from Croatia, Europe, so my english is not so good, but I’m sure you vould understand what I want to say!
I have question for you!
I would like to go to universety in America after my highschool and my question is; do prosperative and hardworking american studens have stpendium?
please answer me, ‘ cause I realy whant to go to american universety and live there some day! thanks! adriana

Hollywoodgal said...

Yes, Adriana, I believe they do get scholarships. Sometimes for being good at sports, as well as acedemic achievements. Good Luck to you!