May 15, 2007

reply to a reader's questions

My last post garnered this comment from a curious reader in Texas. The following is my reply.

Sawubona DNel in Texas,
Thanks for stopping by, dankie vir die besoek, Ngiyabonga Kakhulu.
Wag net, while i try to answer your kwessies.

1. An excellent kwessie. I have no idea why I won the Best Overseas Blog - I didn't award it to myself and I don't know anyone at the SA bloggies personally. What I do know is that random people (do you want me to use the word doos here, for your reading pleasure?) sometimes enjoy giving me kak for it and then I feel a bit sleg for a few moments. But only for a few moments. And then I remember that I am DA WINNA! :-)

2. A blog is a web-log, otherwise known as an online journal or diary. Thus, there is no specific point to it, other than it being a public journal. The Hollywood Reporter started off as a long-winded but regular email report to my friends about my doings in LA. It became a blog for convenience sake. And then it won a bloggie for no particular reason. I am DA WINNA! :-)

3. What is South African writing exactly? Judging by the most popular SA blogs on Amatomu, classic South African writing appears to be writing about sports , selling cheap airline tickets and reviewing mobile telephony. I dunno - how would you would define SA writing?

4. Please don't eat your words - The USA has plenty of low-fat, calorie-restricted alternatives!

5. POES!


DN Texas said...

(5) Not a nice word - "shit" would have been plenty
(4) Texas is not part of the USA - and its not a calorie restricted diet here, to my detriment
(3) I was recently asked what I miss about SA, and I said (seeing as what i miss is obvious), for one I do not miss the negavity, complaining about everything going wrong from your favourite rugby player not making the team due to quotas to complaining about how bad things are (are they really worse), so to summarise - I did not criticise /critizise your writing, I tried to convey my surprised you got an SA award. But good on you. Just a tip, dont only rest on "you a winna" as George W and various other characters have been winna's at some point. Oh, that should have been under (2)
(1)I like the word "kwessie" and I am not giving you kak. Maybe I should just not have read a very old posting where you take on the petrol/gas, skedule/schedule thing. I say keep em guessing on pronounciation, but I understand the change in vocabulary. (3)
(0) Have a great day and please dont take offence and misread me, I am not going to put "emotions" into the above like "lol" and and "haha" and sad faces.

Hollywoodgal said...

Hey there -

5. "shit" is not a Saffer swear word - I thought I was giving you what you wanted. Sorry if it offended you.

4. Texas not being part of the USA I can believe. Never had the pleasure myself...

2. I was surpised at winning Best Overseas Blog too. It was a fun thought, but I wasn't there to get the vuvusela so the awards came and went and haven't changed my life. I guess I qualified because I am South African and I do live overseas and on some level the judges must have enjoyed some of the posts. Or maybe they didn't read any? I am still writing for my friends and to keep flexing my bite-sized writing muscles - a blog is the perfect incentive and much easier to manage than group emails.

3. Thank you for the link. (I hope she has a point??)

0. I wasn't really terribly offended. Well, a bit, cos it hurts to have your writing called pointless, but I got over it quickly cos I know I'm not Salman Rushdie. I do put emoticons in because tone is super-hard to judge in written correspondence and I didn't mean for my response to your comment to be interpreted as me being horribly offended and having a bad day. I was trying to be funny...? Guess I need EVEN MORE emoticons so people realise I'm joking. ;-) :-PPPPPPPPPPPPP
Anyway, it's fun to interact via the comments. Bring it on!

Vaughn said...

It's pretty disappointing that the top blogs on are about rugby, flights, and other kak boring things. Now there's a saffer swear word I love, kak! And is doos less offensive than p***?

Hollywoodgal said...

Hey Vaughn,
I suppose doos is less offensive... but you can have fun with a good plosive Pppp***, don't you think?
Or maybe I'm a bit out of touch with just how ugly it is when used in SA? From over here it sounds like a funny word...