May 17, 2007

sign here, please

The PLAY is still going very well. After the successful preview, we had a successful premiere and now we are having a successful run. Successful meaning we're getting big audiences and they are enjoying the performance (or so their clapping and shouting at the end suggests to us anyway!)

Today we had an autograph hunter in. He ambushed me, brandishing a programme and asked me to get my colleagues to sign too. When he started asking for photos, I smelled a rat. When he wrote down his postal address and asked for the pictures to be posted to him, I suddenly knew he hadn't actually seen the show - he had just wandered in off the street at the end of the performance to collect autographs, like some people collect stamps.

What gave him away? Well, two things really.
1. he didn't speak any English and the 2 hour play is in English.
2. a rather voluminous album he had with him, that he patted and touched with great care
3. he mentioned he has 1800 autographs
4. he asked who I was in the programme

...uh...okay... so that's FOUR things that gave him away. I must say, given the evidence, it took me an astoundingly long time to put it all together. I guess my common sense was blinded by the sheer joy of having someone ambush me for an autograph. Oops.

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