October 03, 2007

Flirt recipe for a sunny day in Paris

Recipe for the perfect charming Frenchman.

1 x sunny day
1 x old bicycle with chain that randomly pops off
1 x girl with grease-covered fingers

1. Put girl on bicycle and let her pedal at low speed for several minutes.
2. When corner café consistency is reached, pop chain off bicycle and stop pedaling.
3. Crouch girl down next to bicycle and let fumble for a few seconds.
Handsome waiter will pour out of café with a tray of drinks and rapidly distribute them to smiling patrons, shouting: “ Wait, miss, don’t touch that - I’m coming!”
4. Simply wrap waiter around little finger with dazzling smile and English accent and you’re done! Shake, stir and enjoy!

Alternative for tee-totalers:
Follow steps 1. and 2. but replace corner café with sports shop.
3. Get girl to roll bicycle into sports shop.
4. Fold handsome salesman over bicycle, as they both get their fingers full of grease.
5. Allow to simmer at low heat, as girl and salesmen go ‘round the back to wash their hands in the staff only area and he welcomes her to his country...

And that, ladies, is all it takes. The French are gourmets, after all.

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