February 15, 2008

RIP, Ash.

Dear Ashley,

You will always be my Pina Bausch-pal to me. I still bang the back of my head like a crazy rag doll, exclaiming, "Pina Bausch" and think of you. And who could forget the sound of your often-heard laughter? Never one to giggle discreetly, your intensity and energy were infectious. I am stunned by the news of your passing and I have not really processed it yet. What a tragic day.

I thank you sincerely for remaining so gloriously unaffected by your fame and staying who you always were when we were all on the 8th floor. Thank you for your enthusiastic support. I promised to email you any big news about my US-pursuits, but you were too quick for me. I can't really make sense of this and I cannot put anything comprehensive into words, but I wanted to express my deep sorrow in some way. Being very far away from our friends at this time is difficult. I send my deepest condolences to your family.

RIP, Ash. You are already madly missed.



Anonymous said...

What a waste of young talent. I cannot come to terms with the loss, it is as if I knew her personally.
Rest in peace beautifull Ashley.

Anonymous said...

Heike, what a lovely tribute. Its been hard to see Ashley's face splashed all over the media and to think she's gone. She will always be 'pal'! I'm so grateful that I have so many memories and most of them have Ashley making me laugh...

So, my friend, I know you feel far away, so lots of love from South Africa!


Anonymous said...

last thursday, i watched isidingo & Lee was chatting to this guy ,(trying to find out if he has a wife, (for Hariet)).it was the cutest thing ever. it was really funny and the way she acted in that scene was brilliant!!!!!!!

Hollywoodgal said...

:-( Thanks, Clive. I wish I could be at the memorial service with you guys. The whole thing is so surreal.
I can imagine that watching Isidingo now is heart-breaking. The poor family. It is wonderful that so many people have shown so much support to Ashley's family. It is worth a lot at such a terrible time.

Anonymous said...

Its still such a shock. I read newspapers and watch television with much disbelief. Hard to belive that is gone. Our week day evenings will never be the same again. Your beauty, talent and humility and humour we will never forget. God must surely have a beautiful garden because he only picks the best. Rest in peace... Psalm 23. Love Whitney

Zhamour said...

The Beautiful Rose of South Africa

A monument of grace
A stature of peace and beauty
A flower of radiance
A grain of knowledge and enrichment
A beauty and art; rare and awesome

The pick on your head
Was as a dove sent from the Golden Gates
Perched and rested
Ready to whisk you away to Home
There the lark sings,
Its melody reverberates
In the echoes sojourning through valves of our hearts
It’s a ceaseless mirthful melody
The lyrics esoteric and gentle as the streaming smile
of You, Ashley.

If beauty was a name-
Your being would be its owner
Much like the soil
After… a long and heavy rainfall
Our hearts and minds are left inundated
with your affectionate warmth and
Genuine marvel
Even after Your presence has evaded us awhile.

Spell out your tears oh, clouds above!
Shake your brimful troughs!
And nourish the path
She comes ready on your way up to Rest’s bosom.

A star of Gold was in our midst
Golden thanks we must give
A tapestry of the finest talent and character
An honour to have had grace our daily lives
Giving significance to the finite of
….. …Aspirations
And even
Our dreams!!!
A nectar so sweet
For dunes of deserts
Cringling thirst for Joy’s flow
To quench our hearts sadness
And the bleak blandness of life
Your heart, a heart that gave
And continues to give in daily-galores
In Memory, you live on!

A graceful mountain you stand sturdy
Sincerity and genuine artfulness
are the ridges
Of your character

Beautiful and awesome in stature
Like a horse set loose
Your spirit was wild and beautiful
Don’t you see how greatly loved you are in the land of Gold
Where you left our mark in the caves of hearts
Your name is imprinted day and night!
Time uncompressible
Your art un-ancient
Ngesintu unobusha
Siyabonga sisiwethu!
A millennium miracle
Divinity’s oracle of grace and optimism
Thank you for showing me
The face of an ultraviolet South Africa

Through time
Your legacy will breeze through the years
You will blaze past momentary flickers
Yes, our voices will say…’there was only …YOU’
But look through Time’s wrinkles,
Again we will say,
‘Look what a way she has paved for others!’
Your dreams and love for life have lit the way, Ashley!
Even I am richly blessed through you!
Your beingness will always be frozen
In all the space

For all to see and know

The wonder of you!!!

15 February 2008

Rest in peace and love and healing to the Callie family and close friends.
Thank you so much for all that Ashley and ‘Lee Haines’ meant to the South African fanship! ‘Lee in many ways encouraged me to believe in being a strong and moraled businesswoman, and hey to dream of being one, Oneday! I will always be thankful for that! She possessed strength and resilience that every woman is SA ought to have embedded deep within herself; unafraid to take life on for a ride and to contribute to the lives of those in our midst!

On the romantic side, Lee taught me that love can be complex especially when it comes to family concerns and interests, racial inhibitions and prejudices and inevitably social standing and status!

Thank you Lord Jesus for the light you shone in Ashley and the way that she added value to the lives of those around her. Thank you for the ways she impacted on our sense of self and life perspective.

In Your Son Jesus’ Name