February 08, 2008

swelling-tummy psychic

A few months ago, a thought popped into my head. (It happens sometimes, and no, it doesn't make my blonde brain hurt) This thought told me that a school friend, now living in Bordeaux, is pregnant with her second child. Not having spoken to her in about 4 months, I rang and asked if she was pregnant again.

How do you know?

she gasped.
I've only just told my family.

Oh, I dunno...

I replied.
I just suddenly thought that you were.

So she set me a task:
What sex is the baby?

I told her I had no idea, but if I thought of something I would get back to her.

About 2 weeks ago, I had a very random dream about her and another, totally unrelated friend. The unrelated friend was on the verge of giving birth (hmmmm, must check if she is pregnant), and my Bordeaux friend was holding a baby boy in her arms.

OMG - am I too late?

I squealed in my dream.
Is that N's baby?

said my Bordeaux-friend.
It's mine.

Yesterday, I remembered that I had been meaning to write to her about her son, so I finally sent her an email.

And her reply this morning?

You are psychic - I found out yesterday that I'm having another little boy!!!!! How do you do that??????? What timing!!!!

So, pardon me while I pat myself on the back for this extremely useful talent. It's true that ultimately, everyone knows you're pregnant and everyone knows the baby's sex 9 months later, at the latest... but you heard it here, first.

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