February 09, 2008

rich, and... your point is?

It was pointed out to me that it's a little rich for me to bitch about how others eat KitKat on public transport, when I am a rather eccentric eater myself. But then, don't they say that the things that annoy us in others are usually a reflection of ourselves...? Or some such...holding a mirror up-stuff?

So what if the BF says I eat my baguette like a typewriter? There is a perfectly legal reason for why I tip my sandwich baguettes on their side and eat them from left to right like the paper-holder-roller- bar-thingy on those quaint, obsolete things known as typewriters, I promise! The boulangeries cheat, okay? They only fill the front half of the sandwich. From the cut side of the baguette they let the filling spill out (dangling lettuce leaves and tomatoes hanging overboard by the skin of their non-existent teeth) so you think it's jam-packed, but actually... after the halfway mark, it's just empty white bread. Sure, it's tasty white bread, but too much of the stuff causes constipation, so I'm the only person who's smart enough to not let myself be ripped off half-way AND get constipated. At least I only get ripped off. And typewriter eating means every bite is full of filling.

And what's the problem with reducing a Bar One (or Mars Bar) to its raw ingredients? Who says that caramel, chocolate and that nougat-stuff make a winning combo? I'm a purist - it's either the chocolate on top, the caramel in the centre OR that mushy stuff. But not all three at once.

Plus, a real sushi fundi knows that you only dip the fish in the soy sauce, not the whole piece of sushi. The wassabi goes on the rice under the fish in a very thin layer, as well as in the soy sauce if desired and the ginger is also meant to be hidden under the fish. So , yes, I do have to dismantle the whole thing and put it back together again. Being a sushi fundi and all.

Lemon goes with everything. It really does, and it's great for cleaning taps too.

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Melinda said...

Now I know why you arrived at my house covered in soy sauce that time.

Also...play your baby-psychic-magic game on me, won't you?! :~)